“ACECIS helped me to get my first professional job in my field after graduating!”

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Meet keen graduate interns who want to help your business. 

Hosting an intern is a great way to provide tertiary qualified graduates from Australian and international universities with industry experience. 

Interns are eager to help your business and gain experience in their field. In some cases, our interns have become so dependable and integral to their new team that host companies have offered them employment (no fees or charges).

The internship program can help you: 

  • manage workloads during peak periods through the support provided by interns
  • access talented graduates who are motivated to perform well
  • improve completion times on time sensitive projects and tasks

Who we work with:

We work with a range of host organisations throughout Australia in diverse industries. We specialise in coordinating internships in areas such as Accounting and Finance, Engineering, IT, Biotechnology, HR, Marketing and Construction.

Our current host partners include:

  • Byte IT
  • GV Engineering
  • Calache Consulting
  • DTS Food Labs
  • Ireland Brown Construction
  • ACTP Accounting
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • dun & bradstreet
  • SMSF Works
  • Mulink Technologies
  • Consultel
  • Rapid Map
  • NS & Accounting Associates
  • AREA3 Construction & Project Management

We took on two interns in 2015 who were fantastic. We ended up hiring both of them as our business grew. They already knew our systems, people and processes so it was a smooth transition. We have taken on another two interns and hope to have the same success.

Carl Xavier, Network Engineer - Byte IT

Why partner with us?

We listen to your needs and find suitable interns who are strong match to your business. We also conduct rigorous screening to ensure you are presented with high quality interns.

We have access to highly motivated and talented graduate interns who want to help your business succeed. ACECIS Director, Naren Chellappah has worked at a number of institutions such as Swinburne University of Technology, Monash University and Melbourne Business School. Through his links, your business can gain access to the best and brightest graduates throughout Australia.

Host company FAQs:

Q. What's the internship process like?

Step 1. We screen interns first (qualifications, communication skills, motivation and aptitude).
Step 2. You and your team review intern resumes.
Step 3. You and your team meet interns for an interview.
Step 4. If you and the intern are satisfied, we prepare an internship agreement and confirm start date.

Q. Are unpaid internships allowed?

A. The Fair Work Ombudsman allows unpaid internships as long as the person isn’t in an employment relationship. That is, the intern shouldn’t be a substitute for an employee, rather they are there to learn and enhance their skills – while making a contribution to your organisation.

Q. How long does an internship last?

A. Typically, internships are 12 weeks in duration, four-five days per week 9am – 5pm. Flexible arrangements can be made.

Q. Do I get to see resumes or interview interns first?

A. Yes. As part of our services, we screen interns first to ensure they meet your requirements. You get to review resumes before making a commitment, and then you can shortlist interns for an interview to assess suitability.

Q. What happens if the internship doesn't work out?

A. Our job is to manage the program from day one. If for whatever reason the intern doesn’t meet your requirements, we will work to resolve the issues. Should this prove unsuccessful, a final course of action will be to discontinue the internship.

Q. Do interns have insurance?

A. Your intern will have personal liability to cover medical.

Q. Can I hire an intern after the internship?

A. Yes. In fact several of our partner companies listed above have hired interns. There are no fees or charges to do this.

I took on two interns to help with our structural design projects in June 2015. Within a week, they were involved in CAD drafting. It was great having them on board. I’ve just taken on a new structural design graduate intern from Melbourne University which has started off great.

Daniel Calache – Director, Calache Consulting

Next steps?

To learn more about the program and to meet our interns, please contact:
Naren Chellappah, Director, ACECIS Internships on: 0402 352 225 or send an enquiry using the form below.

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