Australian Internships

Internships in Australia

An Internship in Australia is a great way to get hands-on industry experience and build professional networks. You’ll improve your communication skills, enhance your resume and also get job references.

Internships in Australia – what’s included?

Brand new resume and interview training

Interviews with host companies in Australia

Up to 12 weeks of professional experience in your field with a host company in Australia

Ongoing support from ACECIS during your Internship in Australia

Internships in Australia – what do you get?

Australian experience (and possibility of employment with your host company)

Job references (if you perform as expected)

Valuable experience to put in your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile

Practical experience to talk about in your next job interview


Where can I do my Internship in Australia?

We work with small, medium and global organisations throughout Australia who are keen to have interns join their teams. 

Our host company partners provide mentoring, professional experience and training to help you get the right experience. We have internship placement opportunities in:

  • Accounting and Finance

  • IT, Science and Engineering

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Health and Nursing

  • Multimedia and Web Development

  • Human Resources and Business

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Three steps to getting your Internship in Australia

Step 1: Internship preparation

First, we work with you to identify the key skills and experience you need from your internship and update your resume and prepare you for your internship interview.

Step 2: Starting your Internship in Australia

Next, we liaise with host companies on your behalf to find the best internship for you. You meet the company at an interview to ensure the internship is a good match. If you’re happy with the company and internship, we prepare you for your start date. 

Step 3: Internship support

We support you and the host company throughout your internship to ensure you’re developing and getting the right practical experience you need to help you gain employment after your internship. If you’ve performed well, we encourage the host company to employ you or provide you with Career Coaching support to help you get a job after your internship. 

To learn more about internships in Australia, take a look at the Internships in Australia FAQs.

'My supervisor has taught me so much.'
Stefani - Finance Graduate, Melbourne

‘I had interviews with 2 companies and chose the best one. After the internship my supervisor and company Director Mark offered me a job as a part-time Finance Assistant. This internship has been my best investment in my career in Australia.’

'I got a job after my placement!'
Stanley - Finance & Investments Advisor, Sydney

‘I started my internship at a big consulting company in Sydney’s CBD. I learnt so much and then they offered me a 3 month contract which turned into a full time job. I am so glad I made the investment into this internship as it led to me getting my first job in Australia.’

'I got a job with my host company.'
Ivy - Civil Engineering Graduate, Melbourne

‘I was lucky to get this opportunity as a Civil Engineering Intern with a structural design company in Melbourne. Daniel, my manager was a big support to me and ended up keeping me on paid contract to help with design work.’

Companies who've hired our clients