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Why is it hard getting a job in Australia?

Getting a job in Australia is a struggle for many skilled migrants and international graduates because of issues such as:

  • little or no Australian work experience (local experience)
  • submitting resumes and cover letters full of mistakes which get rejected
  • poor communication skills and difficulty passing phone and face to face job interviews
  • no professional networks or a networking strategy (LinkedIn) 
  • competition from the other 100+ candidates who have local experience
 Solutions to getting a job in Australia?

We provide career advice in Melbourne and throughout Australia, tailored to your needs. Whether you’re in accounting, IT, HR, Engineering or other professional fields, our strategies combined with one-to-one careers support help you get a job in Australia. 

Need local experience? If you don’t have professional experience (recent graduate) or Australian experience (new migrant) an Internship is a smart choice to start the process of getting a job in Australia. 

Already have 5+ years’ experience? Work one-to-one with our expert Career Coaching team who will increase your prospects of getting a job in Australia as soon as possible. 

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Career Coaching Australia

Suited to skilled migrants and graduates with experience who need one-to-one support to get a job in Australia 

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Internships Australia

Suited to recent graduates as well as skilled migrants who need Australian experience in order to get a job in Australia

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Careers essentials

Cost effective careers support services that fix the basic mistakes being made in your resume, cover letter and job interviews 

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Meet your Career Coach

Job application and LinkedIn expert

Head Career Coach Naren will customise and improve your resume, cover letter, key selection criteria and LinkedIn profile to help you get a job in Australia.

Preparing for a job interview

Preparding for a job interview is hard. Learn how to pass tough phone and face-to-face job interviews and ensure you’re the stand-out candidate that gets offered the job.

Australian corporate experience and networks

Naren has 15 years’ of management experience in Australia, at organisations such as Pacific Brands and Monash University. He has links to over 250 companies throughout Australia who can offer you internships or direct employment.

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